'Let food be thy medicine...

and let medicine be thy food.'



about me

My background is a chemist specialized in the technology of drug manufacturing. Since 2013 I have been working as regulatory affairs professional for registration of drug products also including notification of food supplements. My work in the pharmaceutical industry comprising daily assessment of a products´ dossier and the chemical composition leads me to a healthy lifestyle.


My profession also helps me to avoid chemicals in everyday life. After some time I have decided to share my knowledge with people also passionate about a healthy lifestyle.  Nowadays, a life without chemistry is unavoidable because it is everywhere around us. However, I believe it is just everyone´s choice how much chemicals we expose our body.

In 2018, I completed a nutrition course which helps me better understand how much the diet impacting our body. Therefore, except for pharmaceutical legislation, I have been also getting knowledge as a nutritionist.


Apart from the consultancy in regulatory affairs for drugs and food supplements, I am consulting about holistic diet with a limited amount of clients who want to be fit over a long period.

Food is our fuel and good dietary habits can help us to avoid medicaments which do not heal the cause mostly but suppress symptoms only.

What we need is not to passively accept the conventional treatment but start actively built our health.


Miluše Heryšerová


how can I help you?

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Ing. Miluše Heryšerová

+420 775 95 54 25

VAT: 08891044

Nademlejnská 1069/24

Prague 9

198 00

Czech Republic

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