healthy diet plan

Do you prefer to prepare any meal on your own and you just want to be sure that combination of ingredients gives you a proportional range of carbohydrates, proteins and fats? If so, I will create a healthy diet plan which helps you to combine ingredients of your daily meals and assure the energetic income to be roughly fulfilled. You will get your body fit without any loss of your personal power. Healthy diet plan can be only ordered when the initial check is firstly arranged.


  • preparation of healthy diet plan covering approximate calories income which has been determined on the initial check


1) I am not a healthcare professional, always consult your health condition with your general practitioner or a specialist

2) nutrition advisory can be used for the purpose of body weight loss and to change unhealthy habits 

3) payment has to be arranged to the bank account prior to the service takes place. Otherwise, it is not accepted.

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Czech Republic

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